There will be one run of the game in the winter of 2020:
International run: 27.February -1. March 2020
The signup for all runs will start on the 8th of July 2019.

The game will be played in English. This year we are only having one run; a Standard run of Legion where players will not need to carry any extra equipment, crossgender play is allowed for everyone, and players can use some modern equipment (thermals, socks), as long as it's hidden.

In any case, it will be necessary to be on-site on Thursday around noon. The game ends at night on Saturday and on Sunday morning you will leave.


The game takes place around Železný Brod in Northern Bohemia, a bit over an hour by car from Prague (and quite close to the Polish border). For the international runs there will be a bus from Prague and back.

How much?

The basic price for the game will be 250 euro. This includes a full game experience with all game materials (character sheet, diary), costumes, props, guns, equipment, and food. The costumes include plenty of warm layers, as well as some accessories. They are made by the organizers in a very wide variety of sizes and refitted between runs. The players will only be asked to bring shoes, warm undergarments, and sleeping equipment.

If you want to support the organizers, you can choose to pay more than the basic package - by any amount you deem suitable. We will be very grateful for any such donation, but it will have no effect on your game, role casting or anything like that. On site, there will also be options to buy some Legion-themed merchandise and support us this way.

Cancellation terms

The fee must be paid by the last day of the deadline. Any spots that are unpaid after the payment deadline will be cancelled and advertised to the waiting list players.

After the payment deadline, the cancellation fee is 10% of the ticket price. A month before the game or less, the cancellation fee rises to 50% of the ticket price. Two weeks before the game or less, the cancellation fee is 100% of the ticket price. If a paying replacement player is found for the cancelled spot, an amount higher than noted above can be returned - but only up to 90% of the ticket price; the 10% fee is always non-refundable. If the cancellation fee is 50%, you get any part of the replacement player’s payment that is above 50% of your original ticket price (only up to 90% of the paid ticket price). If the cancellation fee is 100%, you get the whole amount of the replacement player’s payment (only up to 90% of the paid ticket price).

How do you approach gender?

A specific gender setting, including unequal male and female roles, is an important part of the historical reality, together with a conflict regarding women's place in society and a shift from a traditional view on family to a modern one. These conflicts and thoughts are an important part of the game and all characters have some opinion on this issue. In order to make the game more dramatic and create a wider scope of roles we also added several female soldiers; but they also have to deal with conflicts and problems regarding their gender. Please note that the number of women with guns is limited for this game and this is intentional - the game wants to tell real stories of the men and women of the period and women’s stories simply did not include being a soldier anywhere near as much. Female players who want a lot of action can, however, also play nurses, which have the same amount of actual action (running, being under fire, getting injured), just of a different kind. Or they can always choose to go to the standard run and play a male character. However, signing up for the game with the goal of only playing a female soldier can very easily end in sadness.

None of the characters at this game are non-binary (although some are gender non-conforming). However, we do welcome non-binary players, as long as they are comfortable playing one of the character genders, and they can pick which one.

For the standard international run we decided to include a slot "which gender I want to play" into the questionnaire. That means that in this run you will have the option to try a role whose gender is different to yours. We will have some basic visual demands for players playing another gender (not in terms of casting, but we will for example ask female players playing men to wear fake facial hair)

The relentless run aims for a high level of authenticity and will not allow cross-gender play.

With this we would also like to note that we see all roles as equally interesting and valuable.

Physical demands

Legion is a physically demanding game. It deliberately works with physical fatigue, some level of discomfort and mental exhaustion as part of the experience. We are aware this might not make it suitable for everyone and it means that there are some basic health restrictions (especially mobility issues) that we have to impose. However, you do not have to be a super-soldier to go through with the larp - we think it is doable for anyone who is generally fit, reasonably healthy and determined to do it

In the casting process, you can choose how much action your character will have and the level of physical demands varies from role to role - soldiers will be required to carry rifles, run around, charge, sometimes dive to the ground and so on. The officers will have quite a bit of running around and organizing, as well as some military action. The nurses will run into the battlefield and help drag the wounded away. The civilians, on the other hand, will have much less action (but all the more of other interesting stuff to do).

However, everyone will be required to march over 20 kilometres in very varied terrain (which includes very hilly - we will be in a rather mountainous area) and possibly also in adverse weather conditions - sometimes our winters are mild and warm, but sometimes we get frosts and a lot of snow; other times it can be very rainy and muddy. There will be many stops during the game; the longest stretch you will be asked to walk between in-game stops will be four kilometres. We will also be marching at night, with lanterns, and not only on roads, but also through fields and forests.

You will spend Thursday and Saturday night in an off-game accommodation; it will be warm, but you will sleep on the floor. Friday night will be the in-game game, but you will sleep in a reasonably insulated building. However, please do not expect that you will get your 8 hours per night - on Thursday we will take quite some time to do the workshops and you might not get to sleep as early as you’d like. On Friday you will get up really early, again take some time for workshops, and then start the game at noon and go on until fairly late at night. Friday night is an in-game night and things will be happening until fairly late - you will not lose the game if you decide to go to sleep early, but be aware that you might lose out on some cool gameplay. On Saturday, you will play for the whole day until fairly late at night when the game will end.

How much sleep you get in the game will also depend partly on you and how long you take to do the Friday march. Similarly, when you eat will to some extent depend on when you get to the locations where the food is - there will always be enough of it, it will be warm, and we will make sure everyone can eat it, but if you take a long time to get to it, we cannot influence that.

During the game you will be issued with and use acoustic guns. There will be a detailed safety and manipulation exercise before the game. It will only be problematic if you have, for example, a panic fear of gunshots or similar.

Safety and accessibility

Safety is extremely important for us. During the game we will take care both of your physical (instructions, workshops, the presence of experienced medics) and mental safety. During the workshops we will show you some basic techniques of problem-solving that we have experience with. During the whole game, as well as after it, David and Lucie will be available at all times: they both have long-term experience with stabilization of problematic situations at larps and they will try to help you get over any crisis.

It is very important for us that the game brings you an intense experience and a lot of memories, not injuries.

We think the game is accessible to mostly anyone who is reasonably healthy with the determination and willingness to do the walk. However, it does involve walking as a central part of it, so it is not suitable for people with limited mobility. For legal reasons, all participants must be above 18 and we would like to advise that the game is not suitable for pregnant people.