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  • Rolling: association for development of role-playing and education games
  • Fučíkova 283
  • 411 55 Terezín
  • Identification number: 02296802

  • Team

  • Production team leader: Adam Pešta
  • Creative team leader: David František Wagner
  • Creative team: Eva Wagner, Lucie Chlumská, Madla Urbanová, Ondřej Hartvich, Petr Urban
  • Costumes: Eva Wagner
  • Translation into English: Iva Vávrová
  • Proofreading: Crian Shields
  • International coordination: Bjarke Pedersen, Kasper Sjøgren



Rolling, association for development of educational roleplaying games, is a non-profit organization comprising a bunch of enthusiasts with vast experience in the field of teaching, roleplaying games and civil education. This association is the main producer of the event and is responsible for its PR.

Slaven Elčić

A professional bureaucrat and accountant with a background in law and marketing. He has been interested in larp since 2006. At Legions he takes care of the stuff nobody else likes doing; he sees the meaning of his life in paperwork and he is not afraid of public institutions and courts, which is why he is one of the co-founders of Rolling. He draws up charts and forms and then bothers both the players and the co-organizers with them. At larps he likes complex stories.

Ondřej Hartvich

He's been attending larps since 2009 He worked as an organizer and author on Obora 2P915, Bezčasí (Timelessness), and De la Bête. He thinks that larps should give people not only amazing experiences and memories of interesting personal dramas, but also stories to remember.

Lucie Chlumská

She graduated from psychology and she has been working as a human resources specialist for a few years. She has only been into larp for four years, but that just makes her even more enthusiastic. Her favourite kind of larp is chamber larp, as well as slightly longer dramatic larps. She is the author, for example, of chamber larps Sanatorium, L-World and Příběhy hříchu (Stories of Sin), a weekend game Přechod (The Passage) and an urban larp Budečská kniha (The Book of Budeč). Together with part of the team she worked on the production of the high-production dramatic larp De la Bête. She is a member of Rolling. At larps she loves stories, both big and small, which can broaden horizons.

Eva Jandura

She has been playing larps for about seven years and organizing for a little bit less. She worked on the larps Obora 2P915, FK Perseus, and De la Bête, where she was responsible for costume creation. At Legions she is part of the creative team and provides costumes. Otherwise she also likes drawing, acrobatics, and morbid fairy tales.

Petr Urban

Two years ago he successfully obtained a PhDr. at the Faculty of Education of Charles University with a dissertation regarding talented children, and now he is teaching English and History at SPŠG Hellichova. He has been playing larps, mostly of the chamber kind, for over ten years. Apart from larps he loves theatre in all its forms and for some time now he has been an amateur actor, playwright, director, and a writer of short stories and poems. At larps he mostly likes strong emotion and big scenes which stay in the player’s memory for a long time.

Madla Urbanová

She has been doing larps for over ten years and she is not tired of them yet. Together with her brother she also wrote her first larp Never Let Me Go. She is studying at the University of Economics in Prague and spends her free time on theatre, sports and studying languages. At larps she especially likes emotions, and the messages that games have and use to give their players new food for thought.

Adam Pešta

He has taken the post of production and realization director in a vast number of larps, battles, films, plays, events, and team-building exercises from both the commercial and private sphere. You probably won't even see him at the larp, because he will be standing somewhere in the corner with a phone - and he has been doing that for over ten years. He also loves Rosenthal and Rolling because he founded them.

Iva Vávrová

She's studying English translation and interpreting and general linguistics at the Faculty of Arts of Charles University, and she works as a translator and proofreader. Amongst other things she's been working on translating several larp projects - L-World, part of Skoro Rassvet, to English and Before and after the Silence into Czech. Her biggest project yet was coordinating the translation of the 2015 Hell on Wheels Larp into English. She likes games with emphasis on strong emotional experience and drama and she is a major advocate for larping throughout cultures and in different languages. In the project Legion: Siberian Story she is responsible for the English translation and helps with general stuff regarding internationalization.

Crian Shields

A new arrival to the Czech Republic, he has previously studied history (in Australia) and Policy Studies (in Edinburgh). Recently introduced to larps, he finds them to be an engrossing combination of tabletop RPGs (which he has played for years) and reenactment. He worked as main proofreader on the 2015 Hell on Wheels international run, and has previously proofread and edited many projects. His main role in Legion: Siberian Story is that of proofreader.

David František Wagner

He has been doing larp for a long time and will be for some time more. Same goes for education (especially regarding history, philosophy and other social sciences) in its various forms - he has been doing it for a long time and will keep at it. His historical work is focused mostly on the issues of smaller churches in the twentieth century, which is not relevant to the Siberian Story at all. He is the author of several larps (Porta Rossa, Borograv, De la Bête, I Speak Only da Truth) and in his work he emphasizes authenticity, originality and strong stories. He is one of three founders of Rolling and the leader of the creative team.