Run 31 on 18 - 21 January 2024
Run 32 on 25 - 28 January 2024


The signup for the 2024 runs is now closed. To sign up for the waiting list, click here.

We are also looking for NPCs and crew members who attend for free or get paid. The signup for NPC and crew positions is open here.

In the signup form, we will ask you about your contact information, about your preferences for game content, and there will also be optional questions asking about your knowledge and interest in the period and its history - however, they are not meant as a history test, they should just give us an additional idea about your interests and preferences.

After the end of the signup, those who have been picked for the game will get a second questionnaire. That will ask you about your measurements, dietary requirements and some options for what you want to buy and so on. There will also be a separate, strictly confidential part of the questionnaire, asking about any health problems that you might have and content that you don't want to meet with in the game.

All the information that you enter in the signup form will be private and viewed only by the members of our team who need it. The confidential part will only be accessible to the two members of our team who deal with casting.